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The word "evangelist" comes from the Greek word "evangelion", which means "to bring good news". We’re called as followers of Christ to share His message of hope and love, leading others to a life-changing personal relationship with Him.


The concept of a mentor is evident in the life of Christ with His disciples who became mentors to others. All Christians, as we mature in our faith and sanctification, should seek to mentor others and help them become like Christ.


We seek to help people towards constructive change and growth in every aspect of their lives, through a caring relationship and within agreed relational boundaries, carried out through Christian worldview, values and assumptions.


Welcome to ADMI

We are on a crusade to re-present Jesus to this generation, and help the believers know who they are in Christ, what they have in Christ, and what they can do in Christ. Our assignment is to feed the Sheep, equip and perfect the Saints to do the work of Jesus.

Power City International (PCI)

Power City International (PCI) is a Word of Faith, non-denominational, Pentecostal church whose mission is reaching and harvesting lost souls for Christ and teaching the Body of Christ how to effectively apply God’s principles to have victory in every area of life.

Kingdom Live Network (KLN) TV

KLN TV offers family friendly content with high moral standards, and the network is committed to providing inspirational, educative, informative, and entertaining content for the whole family. The network believes in ethical broadcasting, and our services are delivering values to the nations of the world through the Word of God.

Righteous Invasion Of Truth (R.I.O.T.)

In a bid of broadcast the gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Abel Damina Ministries International (ADMI) commenced the airing of the daily TV and radio programs, Righteous Invasion Of Truth (R.I.O.T.), through which millions are being transformed across the world. R.I.O.T. is aimed at taking God's Word to the ends of the earth.

International Charismatic Ministers' Association (ICMA)

International Charismatic Ministers' Association (ICMA), a body that provides covering and ministerial resources for Ministers of the Gospel globally.

Abel Damina Mentorship Academy

The Abel Damina’s Mentoring Academy provides mentoring opportunity for individuals committed to personal training in sound doctrine and leadership. This distance learning gives you access to personally connect to Dr Abel Damina and receive monthly lectures and resources as part of a formal mentoring experience.

Power City International
Kingdom Live Network (KLN) TV
Righteous Invasion Of Truth (R.I.O.T.)
International Charismatic Ministers' Association (ICMA)
Abel Damina Mentorship Academy

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